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part of the Forgotten Technology tryptique (120x90cm, bic on paper, at DeepIntheWoods, 2014)(alexdeforce)

part of the Forgotten Technology tryptique
(120x90cm, bic on paper, at DeepIntheWoods, 2014)

Asphalte - the documentary

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Nas - Live at Dour 2014 (full live)

If there’s any instrument that gets misunderstood and under-appreciated in music, it’s the theremin.

Countless bands have employed the warbly, eerie-sounding electronic instrument, from The Pixies to the White Stripes. It was perhaps most famously used by The Beach Boys in “Good Vibrations.”

The theremin was created by a Russian physicist, Lev Sergeyevich Termen. He’s the main character in “Us Conductors”, the debut novel by Montreal-based writer and music critic Sean Michaels, who spoke with KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis. Also in the studio is Eban Schletter, a composer and thereminist.

L’Ile Déserte


Watch this documentary on Canvas tomorrow!

Seventeen-year-old Mamebou lives in the last house of a dead-end street in Brussels.

Growing up in a disadvantaged environment, promising Mamebou never had a chance of living a normal life. At the age of twelve, he experienced a first conflict with the law. Ever since, Mamebou finds himself in a continuous struggle with his drug addiction, his lack of self-esteem in addition to enduring poverty, which keep him from getting his life back on track. His family and the present social network seem inadequate to provide a solution. Meanwhile, Mamebou’s perception of reality becomes increasingly distorted whilst he’s desperate to find a way out of his cul-de-sac.

“L’île déserte” is an uncompromising, intimate and dark portrait of a young man trying to cope with his fate.

L'Ile Déserte