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The new 45 has been revealed. Have a look instead of reading so much. Release date and party is on 8th May at Bar du Matin (Brussels), with Témé Tan playing live. That’s the place to be if you want the early numbers.

La Lupe. Queen Of Latin Soul


A born rebel and innovator, Lupe Yoli aka La Lupe or La Yiyiyi was renowned for her emotional performances. Her renditions of classics such as “My Way,” “Fever” and “Going Out of My Head” were known worldwide. But beyond her musicianship, celebrity and scandal, Lupe Yoli was also a single mother of two, a survivor of domestic abuse, a Santera who later became a Christian Evangelist speaker.

Shot in New York City, Miami, La Habana and San Juan, this documentary evokes two groundbreaking cultural periods through rare archival footage — pre-Revolutionary 1950′s La Habana and the burgeoning Latin music scene in New York City in the 1960′s and 1970′s.

La Lupe. Queen Of Latin Soul

Sixeart at Asphalte, Charleroi


Just a little teaser for the upcoming Asphalte festival in Charleroi, featuring Sixeart as well as Maya Hayuk, Invader, Steve Powers, Sozyone, a.o.

Seeing Sixeart hitting major formats is promising indeed. Respin for our video feature on the man and his work:



Harry Partch – Music Studio


Harry Partch (June 24, 1901 – September 3, 1974) was an American composer, music theorist, and creator of musical instruments. He was one of the first 20th-century composers in the West to work systematically with microtonal scales. He built custom-made instruments in these tunings on which to play his compositions.

Merci Alma for the hat tip!

Harry Partch - Music Studio

Low high ends (2.0)


Low high ends (2.0)

Very much looking forward to see this forthcoming documentary project falling into place, support Low High Ends 2.0 over here.

The basis of the documentary is rooted on a simple concept. Depicting ghosts towns through a specific road crossing the western part of the United States of America. Beyond these cities, a peculiar attention will be shown by searching and encountering the local population, those who decided to stay there, in an old fashioned style, facing a continuous renewal time lapse.??

The movie is about drawing a portrait of the local individuals met on the road and inside the chosen cities. This will be done through a simple process that will be repeated as a formal process throughout the documentary, but let’s keep a dash of suspense and tell you later about it…??Who are those people? What keeps them here ? This documentary is a will to report, an attempt to understand the motivation of the dwellers through their testimony revealing their own time and space interpretation.??

We will focus on characters such as the roads, the time and space dimension, the self projection of fantasize pictures, the human memory. The latter being a key element on the self construction, the identity we are building, cultivating and doing our best to pass it on as a legacy repeating the continuous circle of life.

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Days of my Lives (April 2014)

1 Hoop Le Paine: Dripsadly
2 Alain Poinsot: Rosarium
3 Giampiero: Meditative
4 F. De Roubaix: Filature Au Clair De Lune
5 Mort Garson: The Philosopher’s Stone
6 T. Dissevelt & Kid Baltan: Sonik Re-Entry
7 Peter Roehr – Halt! Halt! Stop! Aus!
8 Peter Roehr: Auf Der Tapete
9 Daphne Oram: Pompie Ballet
10 Oskar Sala: Caprice With Sound Levels
11 TCF: :-]
12 Woo: Upside Down
13 Boneschi: Retiredly
14 Shuggie Otis: Pling!
15 Jack Arel: Sundown
16 Ralf and Florian: Ananas Symphonie
17 T. Perkis & J. Bischoff – Sending
18 Dolphins Into The Future: Noite
19 Susumu Yokota – Gekkoh
20 Satomi Taniyama: Window Fish
21 Oskar Sala: Intro (From The Birds)
22 After Dinner: Glass Tube
23 G. Yamashirogumi: Dark Slumber


White Walls Project Space is pleased to announce Les Clochards Celestes, Portraits of the Tenderloin by Amsterdam-based artist @adelerenault opening reception 3/15/14 7-11PM #AdeleRenault #tenderloin #sf #oilpaintings  (at White Walls and Shooting Gallery)


White Walls Project Space is pleased to announce Les Clochards Celestes, Portraits of the Tenderloin by Amsterdam-based artist @adelerenault opening reception 3/15/14 7-11PM #AdeleRenault #tenderloin #sf #oilpaintings (at White Walls and Shooting Gallery)


Put on your shades, kick off your shoes, hit play, now BOOGIE! @billypalmier’s Summermix is what you need today :) #playloud


Surprise! Gracias brother!! @sozyone


Surprise! Gracias brother!! @sozyone

On-Point Records x Museum Night Fever 2014